Our mission is to deliver successful innovative solutions to our customers with superior problem evaluation and solution design, using Agile principles; while providing a dynamic and challenging environment for ourselves and our employees.

O'Fallon, IL Coffmatech

Coffmatech Enables Project Agility

Coffmatech fully embraces the Agile process to ensure requirements and solutions evolve, supporting incremental capability deliveries and provide early and regular feedback which help refine and improve our development processes

Why Agile?

Prior to Agile, software development lifecycles relied on a rigidly defined sequential process where requirements are defined fully documented upfront, providing clear expectations for timeline and cost.

Agile is a more continuous, incremental approach, which allows for flexibility along the way.

Most projects encounter change; the Agile management principles our company embraces removes the disruptive potential of this inevitable project aspect.


Agile Projects Save Time and Money

This daily issue disclosure SCRUM meetings allow the SCRUM Master to remove the issues impeding progress allowing team members to focus on the tasks; not the burden of issue resolution. This daily health check increases reliability in measurable progress towards end product functionality.

Agile methodologies like SCRUM and Kanban allow us to provide our customers with effective solutions, with reduced cost and reduced time to market.